Tuesday, November 30, 2010

7 months!

Cooper Wyatt, you are 7 months old today! Seven. S-e-v-e-n. How in the world did this happen!!?

7 things you do that make us smile:

1. 2 words: "Mama". "Dada". The sweetest sound in all the world has just got to be you babbling those precious words. It's also pretty darn cute when you get into stuff and turn around and say "uh oh!".

2. JUMP! You are a jumpin' bean these days! Jump, jump, jump. Jump all day!

3. Sleepin' with your little tushie up in the air, hands tucked under your belly.

4. Ready, set, go! You are a crawlin' crazy man! You are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

5. Reaching oh-so high for Mama and Dada to pick you up. Melts. our. hearts.

6. Saturday mornin' cartoons. And Sunday mornin' cartoons. And Monday mornin' cartoons...you love to snuggle in our bed first thing in the morning. One hand on Dada. One hand on Mama.

7. Drama Mama! You know how (and when) to turn on those big ol' crocodile tears. And we have to say, those tears are effective. Highly effective.

We praise our great God above who sent you to us, sweet Super Coop. You are the biggest ray of sunshine we ever did see. We love you inside out and upside down!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

6 Months!

Cooper Wyatt, you are 6 months old now! Holy Toledo, we can just hardly believe it! What's next? Eating solids? Pooping in the big boy potty? Footless pajamas? Kindergarten? Prom? Establishing your 401K?

Here's a little bit about you these days Mister Cooper:
Favorite Food: Bananas. And Chick-fil-a.
Favorite Sport: Pacifier Hurling
Favorite Time of Day: 4 o'clock. AM, not PM.
Favorite Color: Blue. We still get lost in those Baby Blue's of yours.
Favorite Way to Make a Mess: Blowing (what we ever so graciously call) "raspberries"... during dinner. But only when eating orange colored foods such as sweet potatoes or carrots.
I thought about framing my white shirt last week after you had a wave of inspiration and created an abstract canvas out of it.
Favorite Past time: Peek-a-boo. Anyone who walks into our house is likely to find Mommy or Daddy hiding behind something. A trash can. The island in the kitchen. A pillow. A blanket. A spatula. A piece of mail. Each other. You know, "PEEP EYE! PEEP EYE!"
Favorite Person: Your Daddy. He is a real life hero. You are beyond blessed to have him, and you already know it.
Favorite Body Part to Grab (on others): Noses. Or bottom lips.
Favorite Body Part to Grab (on yourself): Still remains, the wobbly bits. Sigh.
Favorite Song: This old man, he played one. Oh, and Applebottom jeans, but only while riding in Daddy's car.

Cooper, you are an absolute doll. We love you like crazy and are in constant awe of you. Looking back over the past 6 months, we are absolutely certain that God sent you to us as a reminder of His Grace. He knew what we were up against and knew the perfect remedy for it. He sent you, and for that, we are forever grateful.

If we were to look up "blessing" in Webster's dictionary, it would read: small package. big blue eyes. sweetest giggle. little fingers. little toes. cooper wyatt davis.

We love you to the moon and back!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kristin Benton Photography

Holy Heavens. We are in absolute LOVE with this little fella.Because, I mean, clearly Fargo hats are made to be worn barefoot.

Kristin Benton, you are our superhero. Cooper says, "will you come play and bring your stick?"


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Original Jacuzzi Tub

So there's this "thing"...it's a silly little "thing", but, still it's a "thing".

It's not "thing one", it's not "thing two". It's this silly little house "thing".

I'm having some sort of internal battle and I think the resolution involves a bathtub.

When Chris and I found the darling house we put an offer on, we not only learned about the spacious front porch or the two story family room with the cozy stone fireplace, we also learned a little bit about the owners. They are around our parents' age. They are about to lose their house to a short sale/foreclosure. The wife has MS. They have two boys.

We fell in love with the wooded back yard. We fell in love with the open kitchen. We fell in love with the idea of finally having a guest room (Hi Grammie! Hi Nana!). We fell in love with the neighborhood.

And I fell in love with the family who lives there.

We placed our offer and prayed constantly about the house. Every time I went to pray "God, please please please show us grace and mercy as we purchase our first home" I found myself praying for the family instead. Strangers. Complete. I don't even know their names.

For 4 straight days I prayed that God would give that precious couple exactly what they needed. Obviously we were the answer to their prayers, right?? I tried to pray for God to shower Chris and I with blessings. I tried to bargain with Him. "God, if you bless us with this house, I will never spend over $20 at Old Navy again. Never. Ever".

Each time, I fell to my knees in prayer over this couple.

So when we got the word that we didn't get the house, I instantly knew that we were not the answer to this couple's prayers. I had prayed so faithfully and knew God had answered my prayer by simply telling me "no".

So naturally, I did what any good Christian girl would do. I cried. And cried. And cried. The human part of me threw a classic two year old temper tantrum. Why? Whhhy? Whhhhhy? Oh the porch! Oh the wooded yard! Oh the open kitchen!

My mourning began.

Then in small group last night, we were asked to tell about where we go for our "quiet time". "On the ski slopes", Jesse said. "In my fishing boat, out on the still, quiet lake at 3am", John said. "In my car on the way to work." "Cuddled up in a blanket on the couch"...

Me? In the bathtub. Every single night. It's just me, the tub, and a glass of sweet tea. It's true, I don't miss a night. It's just me and God. No TV. No cell phone. No Facebook. No Blog. No nothin'.

When Chris and I toured the owner's suit of that darlin' house, my first comment was "oh my heavens, an original Jacuzzi tub!". Gold accessories and all. Waterfall spout. Room for 2. Later that night I commented to Chris "You know my nightly baths will have to stop when we move into our dream home". 673 gallons of water just to fill that sucker up. Yep, my baths will definitely have to stop.

So there you have it. It all came down to a bathtub.

God knew that if He blessed us that house, my quiet time would come to a screeching halt. And so he answered my prayer. With a Big. Fat. "No".

And I'm done being a 2 year old.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kudzu Mudzu!

We haven't mentioned the words "cancer" or "Kudzu" or "chemo" or "juice" in over 2 weeks now. And let me just say, it has been absolutely FABULOUS!

I haven't even really blogged, because, well to be honest, the blog has just reminded me of Chris' diagnosis.

This morning we woke up, put on our big boy/girl panties and headed to the oncologist to get the news regarding the latest scans.

We waited an hour and fifteen minutes to see Dr. Szabo.

Coopie made approximately 15 friends during that time.

We shuffled. We paced. We rocked. We swayed.

Dr. Szabo finally walked in, shook Chris' hand, informed him he was "done", and instructed him to "get up and go and enjoy his family".

We sat looking dazed and confused and instantly started praising God. After a few quiet minutes we followed Dr. Szabo out of the room and he said, "what I mean is that you are in COMPLETE REMISSION."

Awe struck wonder.

Chris will undergo 25 radiation sessions in order to finish the battle and he will see Dr. S every 3 months to make sure the kudzu stays at bay.

In conclusion, best words ever, ever, ever uttered: COMPLETE REMISSION.

PS. For those of you following our "home sweet home" adventure...We placed an offer on the house in Edgewater over the weekend. We dreamed of rocking on that darling front porch, sippin' sweet tea and watching Coopie ride his tricycle in the driveway. I perused furniture stores looking for cute sitting room furniture. I even got a quote on plantation shutters. (Bad Ali.) We started our day with the words "You didn't get the house". Funny how those words don't even seem to matter anymore :)

Here's to Chris' new BIRTHday. Praise God!