Monday, May 31, 2010

One Month!

Cooper, you are one month old today! And what a happy one month old you are! You are an absolute joy and Daddy and I thank God for you every single day.
What you are up to these days:
You are a Daddy's Boy! Your favorite place to be is cuddled up on his chest while he pats your bottom. You are still a champion eater (3-4 ounces every 2-3 hours) and your little weight shows it...11 pounds when we weighed you today. You wear a size 1 diaper and 0-3 month clothes.
Mommy loves to dress you in silly Gymboree outfits (thanks so much for that addiction Aunt Abby!) Here is your new "Whale Watcher" outfit. I had my eye on this line even before you were born!
You decided that sleeping 4-5 hours was for the birds and now grace us with 3 hours, max. Oh boy! I won't lie, I treasure those precious moments with you at 3am where we rock in the glider by the moonlight.

You started sleeping in your room in your big boy bed at 4 weeks and didn't make one single fuss about making the journey down the hall (although Mommy sat up ALL night staring at your little face on the video monitor to make sure you weren't going to ask to come back to our room!)

You still have cranky time almost every night between 10-11. Confession, at times your cry (read: blood curdling scream) makes us giggle. This is what you look like when you are fighting sleep. Look at that face!!
This is how you fell asleep last night:
Hey, whatever it takes, right!?
You LOVE the bath now (even the getting clean part). Your favorite part is listening to the water run. Sometimes when you get cranky (or hop "on the Fussy Bus", as Daddy says) Mommy puts you in your bouncy seat and turns on the water just to get you to calm down. Our water bill may have doubled, but you are oh so happy, so it's worth every penny!

You are such a sweet natured little baby! We already see parts of your little personality shining through. You are a cuddle bug who also knows how (and when) to get fiesty. The perfect mix of Mommy and Daddy. We spend every day just soaking you up and enjoying every minute of our time with you. We can't even remember what our lives were like before you entered this world. You have already made Mommy a better woman and Daddy a better man just by being little ol' you!
We love you to the moon and back Cooper Wyatt! Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Update on Hubs...biopsy complete. They got 5 samples from the lumps in his neck. 3 were really good samples and 2 were so-so. We will get the results on Tuesday. Chris leaves for Arkansas on business Monday afternoon. I wish with all my heart that he was going to be here at home when he gets that call.

We are staying positive that it's some crazy fluke infection and spending the entire weekend frolicking with Super Coop, going out to dinner, taking naps, shopping, hanging out at the pool, and basically pretending we are on some fabulous tropical vacation.

Speaking of tropical vacations and days spent poolside, did you know that newborns are not supposed to go for leisurely swims in the pool?! We got idiot parent award of the year last night at Toys R Us as we scoured the shelves for an infant float and newborn sized swim diapers. The Toys R Us lady frowned at us when we asked for help. She reminded us that newborns cannot be in sun, much less submerged in chlorine. Well duh. Shesh.

Then tell me why would in the world they make adorable pint-sized swim trunks and polka dot bikinis for them just to hang out in the shade!?

Sleep deprivation does crazy things to ya, folks.
Oh, and we went on our first date sans baby last night. It was bittersweet. We had so much fun (Hibachi and trip to Babies R Us -ha!) but I kept looking in the backseat for Cooper. I promised not to check my cell the entire dinner and guess what? I DIDN'T! When I finally did the babysitter had texted 1) "Has hiccups" and 2) Won't stay awake, what do you want me to do? (we had begged for him to stay awake so he would sleep ALL night long...riiiiiight) It was a huge step for us and I can tell it was really good for us. Thankfully we sat next to a preggo girl at the Hibachi place, so we had the perfect excuse to talk about babies the entire time :)

Well my 2 favorite boys are stirring from their to get dinner going. And by "get dinner going" I mean "select restaurant, load up car, and take the easy way out!"
Cooper says "Happy Memorial Day!"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Worn Out Jeans

We woke up this morning and discovered a new reason to wear out the knees of our jeans in prayer...

Chris discovered a lump in his neck several months ago. He went for his annual physical yesterday and our family doc sent him straight to the hospital saying that he was concerned about the lump being indicative of Lymphoma.

Surely not. Surely not. Surely not.

Chris underwent a CT scan yesterday afternoon and we walked around in a daze last night convincing ourselves that he just had a pulled muscle or maybe even a fat deposit.

We got a call this morning with the results from the CT scan. Chris has multiple enlarged lymph nodes in his chest and neck. They are scheduling a biopsy now and we should have a definitive diagnosis after that. It's possible that he has some kind of infection...maybe this is even related to his past episode of Vasculitis??

What I will not do is a) Google "enlarged lymph nodes in neck and chest", b) fall on the floor wailing and asking "WHY?" (we have a precious 4 week old who does not allow such shenanigans anyhow) or c) falter in my faith.

What I will do is ask all of you prayer warriors to pray for my sweet husband.

God is the God of both big and small things. For that we are forever grateful.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! We received Little Bit's professional pictures in the mail today and they just made my heart sing! Kristin Benton, our photographer, is absolutely AMAZING!!

Now to decide which ones to have printed (and put on the Billboard we just purchased on I-85...just kidding, but can you blame us!? We are in total awe of this little fella!) What's your vote?
Addendum to "What Cooper could do without" list...he only majorly disliked his paci because silly Mommy didn't provide him with the one of his choice. Went to Babies R Us today and bought a MAM paci for newborns and he takes it like a champ. Mother of the Year award right here, gesh.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week 3

It's hard to believe our sweet boy is 3 weeks old today! When they say "time sure flies" and "soak up every minute because before you know it you will blink and you'll be sending them off to kindergarten", they sure know what they are talking about!

Super Coop weighs in at 9.6 pounds, wears size 1 diapers, eats 2-4 oz every 2-3 hours, is in Newborn/0-3 month clothes, and is an ABSOLUTE DOLL! He is such a good good baby! (Not that I am at all biased!!) He only has one period of crankiness each day and it hits consistently at 9:30 each night. Chris and I engage in a little game called "keep baby awake" about this time each night (so we can sleep good at night) and Mr. Cooper doesn't so much appreciate our shenanigans.

He sleeps between 5 and 5 1/2 hours at night and we totally realize that this is such a blessing at this point in the game. My favorite shift is when this 5 hour stretch goes from midnight til 5am but sometimes it ends up being 10:30-3:30 (eek). Either way, 5 hours of sleep is an absolute God-send, so we'll take it!
Cooper LOVES:
-strolling at night
-hanging out in the boppy during cranky time
-his little musical giraffe with moving head (he stares at it for hours just ooohing and ahhing)
-his Daddy
-to E-A-T (a lot...a lot)
-swinging in his swing
-rocking on the front porch
-taking a bath (well, lounging in the baby bather minus the whole water and soap deal)
-shopping with mommy

Cooper could do without...
-his paci (90% of the time anyway)
-clothes (the kid is happy as a lark when he is hanging out in his skibees)
-an empty tummy
-having his hair washed

On Monday Daddy came home from Charlotte and oh boy, Little Bit was just beside himself. He cuddled right up on Chris' chest and the rest was history! Life is SO much easier with Daddy home! We settled right back into our little routine and couldn't be happier.

I couldn't help but snap some pictures of Cooper's tiny feet. There's just something about precious little toes that gets me!

We celebrated the departure of Cooper's belly button (FINALLY!) with a little splish splash action. Coop loved lounging in the baby bather but could have done without the whole bathing process. Regardless he came out squeaky clean and smelling oh so good!On Wednesday we had marathon day at the mall with Friend Abby and her darling little guy Jeremiah. Mr. Cooper slept through 4 hours of shopping (thank you Ann Taylor Loft for providing me with something to wear alas!). Despite our greatest efforts to wake him, he just kept right on snoozin'. JB loved him and wanted to give him a big smooch!

We've had tons of great friends come by to visit this week. Meghan and Justin came on Tuesday and brought yummy yummy stuffed shells, Adam, Ashley, and Lorelei came on Wednesday and brought a delightful linguine dish, Chris' friend Aris whipped up homemade fried chicken and mashed potatoes last night, and John and Lisa are coming to visit tonight. Have I mentioned that we have the most wonderful friends in all the world!? We are spoiled ROTTEN! We can't thank you all enough!!

What a fabulous, fabulous week!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Learning Curve

Little Bit experienced his first trip to church this morning. I sat there holding him as he drooled on my shoulder and cuddled his little frog legs under my ribs and I couldn't help but but marvel at God's goodness. It seems like just yesterday I sat in that very same sanctuary praying for God to bless us with a baby. With every praise song we sang, I thanked God for giving us such an awesome gift!

In other news...things I've learned in the last 2 weeks:

-While the Sam's Club jumbo pack of wipes seems as though it will last you at least 6 months, it in fact, lasts approximately 9 days. Assuming this will get better when Daddy and I get better at diaper changes and use less than 10-12 wipes per change :)
-Speaking of diaper changes, little boys come with all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. My personal favorite is the rainbow trick where Super Coop pee pees up over his head and onto the wall and pack and play. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I could stop laughing long enough to cover his wee wee with the diaper, but instead I roll on the floor laughing and admire his talent.
-Sleeping 4-5 hours simultaneously post-baby has the same effect as a 2 week vacation to the spa pre-baby. Truly.
-People say the darndest things. For example, while in Target a nice looking woman oohed and ahhed over Cooper and then said "How old is he?" After responding with a proud "2 weeks!" the nice looking woman said "You should be at home, not out running around with this little baby". Note to self, next time lie and answer "4 months" while running down the aisle in the opposite direction.
-Medela prides themselves on the "Pump in Style". Every day as I spend countless hours bonding with my Medela I ponder where the whole "in style" thing comes into play. Not feeling "stylish" as much as "bovine". Moo.
-I can, in fact, lose 2 hours staring at Coop's little feet and hands.
-My 2 week old knows how to fight sleep. Now how in the world can he be MY baby!?!? Even in the midst of his 2-week-old-temper tantrums, I think "COULD HE BE ANY SWEETER!?"
-My belly and Cooper's belly look a lot alike.
-Being a mom and spending my days loving on my sweet baby boy is the BEST feeling in all the world.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weeks 1-2

A little glimpse into what we've been up to this week...

Mommy and daddy dressed me in these silly monkey shoes on Friday and took me to meet Dr. Cooper for the first time. I thought he was pretty swell (not that I am biased by his name or anything!) My bilirubin is all better and I weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. I loved riding in the car and even let mommy and daddy swing through the drive thru at Wendys for lunch-wooo! Livin' on the edge!
I eat A LOT these days! Just when mommy thinks I am full I let her know otherwise! Daddy is a champion burp-master...he's pretty much my hero :)
Every night we go out strollin'. We've met tons of new friends and neighbors but mostly I just sleep through it all.
When we get home from our walk, I hang out in the swing with my binky while mommy washes bottles, washes clothes, straightens up, and mostly just stares at me. After I swing mommy throws what she calls a "dance party" in the living room. She dances me around and singing and trying to keep me awake so I will "sleep through the night like a good little boy". Ha. Silly mommy.
My tummy sure is fillin' out :) That belly crease helps hold my paci when I sit in the bouncy seat.
Daddy had to go up to Charlotte on business this week. Even though he gave me a gazillion kisses, I still cried when he left (mommy and daddy cried too, but don't tell anyone!)
Grammie and Nana saw daddy's trip as the perfect excuse to come love on me. And love on me they did. All. week. long. Mommy was so happy to have some help and some company too!
Now we're just a-countin' down the days until daddy gets back. Life sure is oh so sweet!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day is like no other... an absolute dream come true...
sleepy little grins...

ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes...

an absolute gift from above...
and my life is forever sweeter, forever fuller, forever blessed...
Happy Mother's Day to all of my sweet friends!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chapter One: Labor and Delivery

I want so badly to remember all of the details of our journey into parenthood but I have learned over the past few days that blogging takes the back seat to things such as nighttime feedings, changing diapers, and cuddling on the couch with lil' bit...

In an effort to document and remember, here is the short of it...

Oh the stories we live to tell.

We checked into Northside at 3pm on Thursday April 29 for scheduled induction. Fresh glow, 14 "go bags", a sack full of McDonalds (yay for pre-delivery Happy Meals), and a world of unknown before us.
We snuggled into our room in Labor and Delivery and anxiously awaited induction drugs. Daddy played with all of the medical equipment and decided that this photo should be called "Gift from God".
I went into labor spontaneously at around 4:30pm. Little Coop was running the show and he wanted us to know it! I labored for 23 hours. And a glorious 23 hours it was! Wowsers. Contractions kicked up good and having no mommy-of-the-year-awards to win, I rang the bell for the anesthesia gods to come and take it all away.

Enter disaster. Absolute disaster.

Fat and ugly anesthesiologist (I can say this and you'll see why shortly) came in talking to his wife on his cell phone about who was picking the kids up from Karate. With cell phone cocked on one shoulder he juggled his epidural supplies with his free hand, shoved the clip board in my face to sign for release, and told me to "hunch over".

Enter epidural attempt #1. Failed. Enter epidural attempt #2. Failed. Fat and ugly anesthesiologist says "Hm, keeps slipping out and going into the vein. Let me try again. This time I will numb you first."

Tears start to fall and I decide "never mind, I will just pass on the whole epidural experience". I refocus and decide the 3rd time's the charm and "hunch" back over into Chris' lap. Tears, tears, tears. "It's in" he announced. Fabulous, moving on.

From 8-2pm life was SUPER. We chatted with family, Dr. Sermons came by and ate all of my snacks, and we rocked right along to 9cm.

At 9cm ALL sensation came back. I don't mean a little bit of sensation, I mean holy goodness mercy me.

Dr. Sermons checks me and decides we aren't going to make it to 10cm and that it's time to section me. He calls anesthesia back in to re-do the epidural (fabulous, 4th time's a charm??). I roll over, they bolus me once, and I tell the anesthesiologist (not fat and ugly guy, different guy at this point) that something feels wrong. He boluses me again.

I wish all memory ceased at this point, but unfortunately, it did not. My next passing thought was of the most excruciating pain and panic I have ever felt. Apparently the epidural was placed in the blood stream instead of the spinal cord. As a result, I began seizing. And I seized for 20 minutes. My speechless husband says that the only thing to compare it to was some sort of exorcism. I screamed non stop and got trapped in some place between consciousness and unconsciousness. At one point I looked at Dr. Sermons and told him I was going to heaven. I have NEVER experienced such pain and torture. I screamed all sorts of silly things that I will never ever ever live down, gasped for air, and braced myself to die. Here I was about to fulfill my dream of becoming a mommy and all of a sudden I have to force the words "save my sweet Cooper". My last screaming comment was "you're going to intubate me, aren't you"??

In went the tube, out went mommy, and the next thing I knew......the absolute most defining moment of my life. A blessing so big I couldn't even comprehend it. A love so deep and so pure, a life so tiny and new, absolutely indescribable.

As with most things in life, you could say things didn't go as planned. As with ALL things in life, you can say that God is sovereign and that he answers prayers and wraps his arms around us when we need it most.

Cooper Wyatt Davis~4.30.2010 3:12 pm

8 lbs 11 ounces 21 inches

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14