Monday, December 17, 2012


I have watched more hours of CNN than I'd like to admit. Every time the thought crosses my mind to turn it off and busy myself with things less troubling, I remember that the sweet people of Connecticut don't have that option. As long as I am connected, I am on my knees for them. As long as the thoughts of Friday cross my mind, I am covering them in prayers.

I've been home for the past 9 days. I keep giggling because I haven't taken this much time off since our honeymoon. What I would give to be sitting poolside sipping "Yo quiero Pepsi" right about now. Instead I am thanking God that I get to be the one passing out Boogie Wipes and giving great big hugs all day long.

Coop is on day 8 of a fever we can't seem to break and is just pitiful. Chris has been feeling terrible since Thanksgiving and I've been so worried about him. I felt myself get lost in the chaos and instantly fell to my knees seeing how small my concerns are in the grand scheme of things. I put on my big girl panties and fell asleep whispering praises of thanksgiving for my precious boys and for the time we get to spend together.

Chris had an appointment with his oncologist this morning and praise the Lord, his scans remain CLEAN! Now to problem solve on why he is feeling like he is. Dr. Szabo thinks that the effects of chemo are hanging around a little longer than we expected. Lots of tests to determine what's up and what can be done to make him feel better, but hearing the words "Cancer Free" never ever ever gets old!

I went hunting for the anniversary date of his chemo and radiation end date tonight so I could plan a little something and pulled up this old blog post:

I instantly knew I needed to re-read it. Again and again.

Our Christmas cards sit at the Target photo counter waiting for us to pick them up, our Pink Pig tickets hang untouched on the bulletin board in the kitchen, and I haven't had a shower in two days. And the beautiful thing is that not one of those silly things matters. Not a one.

Hug your babies tight tonight. Tell those that you love how much they mean to you. Know that more often than not, good really does triumph over evil and that God is amongst those that mourn. Our time on this earth is not without struggle. We were never promised that. The beauty is that our eternal home is paved in gold and secure with the one who carries us during times like these.

Walk with confident humility with your head held high knowing that His sovereignty reigns and His grace covers all.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bobs and Bobbins

I'm itching to whack my hair off again and rock the mom bob. Only problem is I'm ridiculous and get sweaty palms just thinking about doing it because it reminds me of a different time and place.
If I cut it, will this little peanut please stop growing like a weed? Who's tiny baby is this anyway?

Chris had a scan Monday. All I could think about Sunday night was how God carries him from scan to scan, and covers him with His sweet grace. That thought alone knocks me to my knees with prayers of gratitude in a quick minute.

We had a bit of a scare over Turkey Day weekend that had us on the phone with the Cancer Answer. I wonder. Have they found that blasted answer? Do their elevators still smell funny?  Chris handled it like a rock. Always does. Silly me got all worked up and had to eat three plates of spoon corn bread to calm down. I know it. But the thought of him feeling so bad again just makes me want to hurl. And sweat. And go to Hobby Lobby. *Thank you Danielle for rescuing me and helping me get lost in the wooden letter aisles.*

Mostly I've been rocking the jazz hands and happy dance these days. Filled with joy, and all from this little Sugar Britches adventure. Haven't even had time to blog. Or put away our Fall decor. Or cook anything that doesn't involve a crock pot or a trip to Ricos.

This little machine has a) brought me more quiet time than my garden tub ever did (remember when we didn't buy a house because the tub wasn't big enough for sweet tea and prayers??) b) not gotten us pregnant but taught me that lots of mighty things can happen while you are in the "waiting", c) not stopped running for more than 2.2 minutes, d) stitched about a gazillion fleece scarves, and e) made me SO DERN HAPPY.

I get to shop. I get to monogram everything under the sun. I get to see folks faces filled with joy when they receive their creations. There's nothing sweeter.

Except sweet tea.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksmas 2012 and Baby Emma

This weekend was Thanksmas 2012. That's synonymous for food-coma-while-surrounded-by-our-entire-family-while-playing-games 2012. Insanity, y'all.
My parents are too good to us. Entirely too good.
They live for Thanksmas all year long and spoil us rotten from the time we get there til the time we all leave. We will get an email with the details of next year's trip in about t minus 2 days.
They think of every little detail and go out of their way to make sure that we are all together, having a complete ball.
The weekend is always like food for our souls.

Speaking of food, my mom cooks for all 20+ of us. But you'd think she was cooking for a small army. We graze ALL WEEKEND LONG. And it. is. fabulous.

We ate pinwheel sanmiches til we couldn't see straight.

Sausage balls and biscuits every morning.

Chili and taco soup.

Brisket samiches.

Fried chicken.

We were only there for 3 nights.

You do the math on that.

We ate A TON.

We also met the nicest Carnie in Pigeon Forge. He let Coop ride the rides at Kids Kountry (eeek with the K alliteration) after dark. Even though we arrived 4 minutes after the park had closed.
Made Coop's night, can't you tell?
Miniature Grumpett. Anyway. The Carnie, wish we had taken a picture of him. He was just too sweet.

We always stop at a Christmas Tree farm in North Carolina on the way home and scoop up our Christmas tree. Tell me how in one years time, we went from this...
To this.

Mercy me.

So we're home and tonight for dinner, we had ice cream sandwiches. In our PJs. Ok, also while snuggled in bed. Only Cooper tee teed on our bed the night we left, so our entire bedding set had to be taken to the cleaners for damage control. So we ate 'em in our frumpy no-comforter-or-blankets bed. Which means I am going to freeze tonight. Sweet.

The weekend was so full, it really was. But I can't tell you how many times I hit my knees this weekend for our sweet friends the Cheeks. Baby Emma was born last Sunday and is in the {completely unexpected} fight for her tiny little life. She has brought so much glory to God and is a little warrior already.
I cry out to God for her again and again each day. Her mama is just absolutely precious to me. When Chris first got sick way way back when, Kelly brought us this little bamboo plant. It was to bring good luck, and goodness me, did we need it in those days. Chris guarded that little plant with all his life for YEARS. Every time I turned around, he had it situated in a new place in the house.

We moved and the bamboo plant moved with us.

I nearly killed it a dozen times over. On accident of course.

I am re-reading Angie Smith's book right now and just ran across a quote that made me instantly think of Kelly and Andy. "At the end of each day, regardless of what it had held, we knew that she had been given to us for a purpose, and we were seeking wisdom as we embraced that. To be brutally honest, it wasn't because embracing it came naturally. It was because we didn't know how to survive without believing that God was in control".

Isn't that the truth?

Baby Emma needs your prayers, sweet prayer warriors. Will you please do me an itty bitty favor and cover her in the coming days and weeks?