Monday, August 13, 2012

Down to a Nub

6 years!

6 years ago we had no idea just how far we'd come. No idea how much our love would grow. No idea how many blessings God would pour out over our family. No idea how strong we could be (or would have to be). We've gotten wrinkles, laugh lines, battle scars. We've learned to put God first, to lean on each other, and to be grateful for every moment of every day. 

*Two hands this year made things interesting. We got tangled. *

6 times on the way home to scoop Coop last night we asked "ARE WE THERE YET?"

6 times we thanked God over and over.

6 times I wondered if He created the oceans, knowing that we would need to see them and to know He is near.

6 times we hugged and kissed our little man and told him how much we missed him.

6 times we told our parents how much we love and appreciate them.

Coop grew up a trillion times while we were away this past weekend.

He even (gasp) gave.up.his.pappy last night when we got home. Yes. He still had one. Sort of. If you'd call it that? It's been a process.

Anyway, he woke up this morning, told me he learned how to gallop (proved it right then and there by doing two laps around the laundry room) and told me he is just fine without it.

Done. He's down to a nub. Victory!

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  1. So sweet. Happy Anniversary and way to go Coop!!!