Saturday, April 16, 2011


So I have had approximately 174 mommy-questions pop up this week. No shame, so here we go:

1. How in the WORLD do we convince our little Super Coop that there is life beyond his pappy??I realize that I have made this recommendation as a speech therapist about a gazillion times, complete with step by step directions, but good googlywoogly. This is hard.

Coop sleeps with 4 pappies. Yes. 4. Mommy shame. When he loses one in the middle of the night (read: hurls one across his bedroom in an attempt at getting me and Chris to come rescue him), he is always within an arm's reach of a backup. It's been brilliant. Until now.

The first birthday is upon us, and it's time to say adios.

I snipped the tip last night. It was just cruel. He kept looking at it, talking to it (yes, with 4 hanging out in his crib, they have become lifelong friends), and looking at me as if I had taken his last Puff.

2. Will I ever be able to sit through church again without being paged again and again and again to come rescue a sobbing, snot-bubble-blowing, wailing little munchkin? Seriously. We have left Coop with various friends and family members since he was 3 weeks old. 3. weeks. old. He goes to Ms. Lori's house 4 days a week while I work without batting an eyelash. He has spent the night with Grammie and Poppy Tots and Nana and Grandada without so much as shedding one tear for us.

3 minutes in the church nursery and he is D-O-N-E.

*I will say, it has enhanced my prayer-life, as I pray fervently that no one sees me slip him bribes like "If you stay and sing songs and learn about Jesus with your friends, I will get you a sweet tea on the way home" or "If you stop crying and let mommy and daddy go back to hear the message, we will buy you a pony when we get home".

3. How is one supposed to channel AC to the backseat of the mommy-mobile with the monster mack daddy car seat turned rear-facing?? By the time we have hit the front of the neighborhood, Coop has sweat dripping from his brows. By the time we get to Hobby Lobby or Target or Old Navy or Chickfila, he looks as though he spent the afternoon at Whitewater.

4. Why must our children now be 13 before turning the car seat around again?

5. When planning a first birthday bash, is there a limit when it comes to the number of ridiculous arts and crafts you feel absolutely necessary to complete your little one's special day? Last night I was up until midnight making nautical flag rice crispy toppers. I mean, how could I resist?
6. The food pyramid does contain goldfish crackers, mini pancakes, and corn dogs, right?

7. Has anyone seen my keys? Or my wallet? Or my left shoe?

8. If one can no longer locate a variety of small objects (i.e. ponytail holders, door stopper tips, chap stick tubes), are you to assume that your child ate them?

9. How do mamas get to take showers once their babies are mobile? Did I miss the aisle in Babies R Us for contraptions that hold 11 month olds?

10. If my child is fascinated, I mean beyond words, with the vacuum cleaner, am I to be worried or is it ok to use the vacuum cleaner in order to take said shower?

It's so much fun being a Mama, it truly is :) The best part, making up your own answers and loving every tiny moment for what it is. Missing shoes and all.


  1. Ha - don't judge me for having a 1.5-year-old with paci's (or for keeping 10 in her crib, all of which end up on the floor behind the crib within 5 minutes of sleep). Liam was weaned around 1.75 yrs., so probably the same with Macy...but I must continue a little while longer because they are my guilty pleasure (might have bought a pack with peacocks on them today).

    And yeah, I was SOO looking forward to turning her around forward-facing at 1, but how can I now with the guilt? Oh the guilt!

  2. Love this post! But don't judge for allowing my kiddos to keep pacis until they're 3! Collin was old enough to understand that 3 year olds don't take pacis (we took it away on his 3rd birthday of all days!). It worked so well, I have decided to allow Kate to keep it just as long (unless she doesn't start talking soon).

    And Katelyn (almost 17 months mind you) still sits in an exersaucer when I shower. Collin did the same thing. I figure until they learn to climb out, they're fine.

    Can't believe he's almost 1!

  3. I also totally failed with the paci removal...Mason was three before we took his away...the shame!

    I totally agree with #4...why oh why must I keep buying car seats!! My oldest is 6.5 and the rules just keep changing!! Right now it looks like our little girl will be entering high school before she graduates to a regular seat belt. :)

    Love the rice crispy treats by the way!