Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mopeds and Fruity Pebbles

I am anxious tonight. A year ago this week, Chris left for a trip to Arkansas and our lives were forever changed. I don't roll with a ton of anxiety anymore these days, so this has kinda caught me off guard.

I went to Super Target last night and bought some Fruity Pebbles to help me cope. Who knew Fruity Pebbles could calm the nerves.

It's been 3 (t-h-r-e-e) weeks since I've had AC in my car. You can bet I will never ever ever jump off my fuse box again. Ever. Ever. Here's hoping tomorrow's mechanic has better luck or we will be driving the Envoy into the lake and purchasing a moped. Only I'd still be AC-less, I guess.

I hope our Allstate agent isn't reading this.

Today I got so hot in the car, I considered taking off all of my clothes and driving home from work in my skibbies. I was so so happy to get home and cool off, only I came in and found our little digital thermostat blinking 85. Upstairs and down. I think God's trying to teach us something.

What I am MOST thankful for today TOTALLY outweighs my jittery nerves and sweaty brow. I have the best family in all the world, a job that I am beside myself over, the sweetest little baby boy who blows me kisses in the bathtub, the most fabulous husband in all the world who surprised me with a bouquet of hydrangeas (my absolute FAVE) this week, and a Chick-fil-a with unlimited sweet tea AND crushed ice within walking distance from my new office.

Mighty blessed. Mighty.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Rosco's Fish Camp

We have a new love. It's called Rosco's Fish Camp. Holy goodness. It is just absolutely heavenly.

We love it because 1) It's approximately 2.2 miles from our house 2) The catfish is absolutely scrumptious (if you think the snack pack is enough, you will be quickly informed by your tummy, that you need the big girl platter because it is just THAT good) 3) You can wear your flip flops. And your swimsuit. If you're brave enough to eat catfish in your bikini, that is. 4) The folks that own it are just so darn nice and 5) hushpuppies. glorious hushpuppies.
We ate there Saturday night. And Sunday night. And we are most sad that they are closed on Mondays. Did I mention the Mia's Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches?
Ryan didn't want to be left out.

Aren't they just the cutest?

Ahhh, sweet summer time!

And because I am in a season of reminiscing (busybody 13 month olds will do that to you), here was our little pool boy exactly one year ago today:
and now...
PS. Has anyone seen my colander?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Letters and Phone Calls

Two things happened this week. Random, bizzarre, blasts from the past kind of things. It's got us counting our blessings and taking note of God's goodness that surrounds us.

1. Hubs got a phone call from TSA's attorney Monday. For serious. Wanting to, ahem, "clear up some personal business". Enter: $3000 civil fine for the airport nonsense. Hilarious. So the criminal case has been completely cleared. Wiped clean. Erased for all eternity. But the lovely folks down at the TSA apparently still had a civil case in the works. After 30 minutes of rehashing the past 12 months of our lives, Chris and Mr. TSA Attorney were BFF's, the fine was reduced to $150 and Chris was being wished the best of luck in all he does. Not kidding. THANK YOU JESUS!

2. We received a beat up package in the mail from a certain medical facility. It was beat up and torn because we've moved since going to this blasted place 1 year ago and the package had to go through the US Postal Service's forwarding system. We stood on the drive way and opened the package-the TIME STAMPED package mind you- and realized that one year ago we were here: "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". We giggled at the memories of our adventures back in 2010 and then realized we now have 30, no count them 7 (the time stamped letter doesn't account for forwarding of mail shenanigans), days to make some decisions. The best part, it's all in God's hands. We get to "pretend" to make decisions, but all the while, He's got this. He's carrying us and knows the plans He has for us.

They say things happen in 3's. We're hoping 2's a crew this week.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flame On

Gracious day. I ran across this story via Kelly's Korner tonight and I just can't help but to share it. God's grace and mercy is so very real and present in this precious family's story.

If you, like me, need a little perspective in your life, watch the video. It will be a lifechanging 41 minutes. I promise.

http://www.flameon.net (Click on the "watch" tab and sign up to watch the video. Absolutely awe inspiring.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

S pa cin g Prob lem s

Blogger, dear sweet blogspot.com, can you please oh please tell me why all of my blogs end up with crazy wacky spacing issues? You are driving me quite batty. Thankyouverymuch.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Whale of a Good Time!

We've been holdin' tight to our britches these past few weeks! Little man turned one on the 30th (although I still can't even wrap my head around the very idea) and we had ourselves a whale of a good time celebrating his big day!He's such a little ham bone.
So blessed to be surrounded by family and sweet friends on this very special day!

Uncle Christopher and Kevin came all the way down from Virginia just to splash around with Super Coop.
And Dear, Sweet Gidge (aka Loulu/Abby) whipped up yet another fabulous masterpiece-- I might have had a complete field day pulling together a few things for my sweet birthday boy...

Ok, so I totally stalked the Amy Atlas blog for approximately 1048 hours before the party getting ideas. Didn't help that Chris was out of town for 2 weeks right before Coop's big day. What's a girl to do besides find purposes for craft paper and mason jars? Mom came up Friday night and we had ourselves a total slumber party. She is the QUEEN of all things tasty (don't know how I missed the boat there??) From pinwheels to sausage balls to fruit trays to dips. Holy moly. Yum. Yum. Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Super Coop! We whaley love you, we whaley do!

And for the sake of documenting old school lock-and-key-diary-style. Did I mention what our week consisted of pre-birthday bash? Let me just say, when draining your car battery and attempting to jump off your vehicle, it is most important to make sure that you do in fact, have the jumper cables attached to the actual BATTERY. This rectangular box under the hood is not to be mistaken with the fuse box.

I will cut to the chase. I tried to blow up my car. For 4 hours. Thankfully a good Samaritan came along and informed me that I might want to re-attach the jumper cables to something a little less fuseboxish. Sparks. Smoke. Sparks. Sigh.

Over a week later, we still can't figure out the extent of the damage. Bat eyelashes. Smile.