Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Old House

If porches could talk, this one would tell some stories.
893 Stark Road.

It's where chairs and babies were rocked. Where Big Wheels were raced. Where sweet tea was sipped.
Where cars and blessings were counted one by one.
Where this old screen door slammed and this old brown door squeaked.
Where our mighty rock Mama Potts was born.

Right inside this very window.
This old house is where we got our raisin'. Where we learned that the good Lord carries us and that His Grace never fails us.
This old house is mighty old. As we've grown, those porch boards have weathered. Those walls have bowed. Those ceilings have sagged.

The time is coming where our old home place will be torn down. And it's tearin' us up. But as these doors and walls and windows and porches come down, we will know that their very being helped to raise us up. 

And we know that heaven's got a mighty fine front porch made just for rockin' and that is just where our sweet Mama Potts is right now. Counting cars. Shooin' flies. Singin' hymns.
And laughing at all of us sillies down here.

"But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15

1 comment:

  1. that eastlake door? omg. LOVE. and so few screened doors are actually made like this (i only have seen one other like it around here).
    are you taking any momentos from the home? why is it being torn down? if it's because of a road (or any federally funded project)it can be saved due to section 106 (http://georgiashpo.org/review).
    so sorry you're losing this part of your heart. i know i'm an old house sap and all, but it brings tears to my eyes to see something soooo wonderful to so many people (and the community) being torn down. ::hugs::