Friday, July 24, 2009

And then there were 3!

Hold on to your epidural pumps ladies because this sweet girl is about to become a Mama!
Got the news this afternoon that Dr. Sermons will be inducing Jenn in the morning and I'm so excited I could burst! Little Ryan Patrick will soon be gracing us with his bouncing, bundle o' joy self!

Let me take a minute to also acknowledge the fact that it. is. Friday. Yessiree. Friday can only mean 3 things: 1) Much Mellow Mushroom will soon be devoured; 2) This big ol' tater head will still be on the pillow at 8am tomorrow morning; and 3) This big ol' tater head will still be on the pillow at 8am the next morning too.
Skidleedoo for catchin' up on some much needed zzzz's. This workin' thing is for the birds.

This weekend's agenda (in no particular order)

1. Bust out the 9 by 13's for some casserole craziness for the new parents-to-be.
2. Swing by Clinique counter and splurge on something fun and sparkly.
3. Lunch with Abby J. and Baby J. Two year old Buckaroo in tow.
4. Cheer for Hubs as he rolls up the sleeves once again at Habitat for Humanity.
5. Drink Starbucks iced vanilla frappuccino drink.
6. Attempt to iron 7 pairs of khaki pants that have hung neglected in the hallway for the past 2 weeks. Alternative: go to work naked next week.
7. Catch Catherine Heigl's "The Ugly Truth". Laugh relentlessly through the entire movie. Resist popcorn. Hold out for Coldstone Creamery.
8. Hold newborn baby. Marvel at God's greatness.

Life is good folks!

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