Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Update on Hubs...biopsy complete. They got 5 samples from the lumps in his neck. 3 were really good samples and 2 were so-so. We will get the results on Tuesday. Chris leaves for Arkansas on business Monday afternoon. I wish with all my heart that he was going to be here at home when he gets that call.

We are staying positive that it's some crazy fluke infection and spending the entire weekend frolicking with Super Coop, going out to dinner, taking naps, shopping, hanging out at the pool, and basically pretending we are on some fabulous tropical vacation.

Speaking of tropical vacations and days spent poolside, did you know that newborns are not supposed to go for leisurely swims in the pool?! We got idiot parent award of the year last night at Toys R Us as we scoured the shelves for an infant float and newborn sized swim diapers. The Toys R Us lady frowned at us when we asked for help. She reminded us that newborns cannot be in sun, much less submerged in chlorine. Well duh. Shesh.

Then tell me why would in the world they make adorable pint-sized swim trunks and polka dot bikinis for them just to hang out in the shade!?

Sleep deprivation does crazy things to ya, folks.
Oh, and we went on our first date sans baby last night. It was bittersweet. We had so much fun (Hibachi and trip to Babies R Us -ha!) but I kept looking in the backseat for Cooper. I promised not to check my cell the entire dinner and guess what? I DIDN'T! When I finally did the babysitter had texted 1) "Has hiccups" and 2) Won't stay awake, what do you want me to do? (we had begged for him to stay awake so he would sleep ALL night long...riiiiiight) It was a huge step for us and I can tell it was really good for us. Thankfully we sat next to a preggo girl at the Hibachi place, so we had the perfect excuse to talk about babies the entire time :)

Well my 2 favorite boys are stirring from their to get dinner going. And by "get dinner going" I mean "select restaurant, load up car, and take the easy way out!"
Cooper says "Happy Memorial Day!"


  1. random: cooper + i had a date night last night and went to sho gun. where did y'all go?!
    thinking happy thoughts for y'all this weekend! :-)

  2. Praying for you all! Also, I had no clue that babies weren't supposed to wear sunscreen until 6 months. I totally got a "preaching conversation" from someone about it....who knew?