Friday, May 28, 2010

Worn Out Jeans

We woke up this morning and discovered a new reason to wear out the knees of our jeans in prayer...

Chris discovered a lump in his neck several months ago. He went for his annual physical yesterday and our family doc sent him straight to the hospital saying that he was concerned about the lump being indicative of Lymphoma.

Surely not. Surely not. Surely not.

Chris underwent a CT scan yesterday afternoon and we walked around in a daze last night convincing ourselves that he just had a pulled muscle or maybe even a fat deposit.

We got a call this morning with the results from the CT scan. Chris has multiple enlarged lymph nodes in his chest and neck. They are scheduling a biopsy now and we should have a definitive diagnosis after that. It's possible that he has some kind of infection...maybe this is even related to his past episode of Vasculitis??

What I will not do is a) Google "enlarged lymph nodes in neck and chest", b) fall on the floor wailing and asking "WHY?" (we have a precious 4 week old who does not allow such shenanigans anyhow) or c) falter in my faith.

What I will do is ask all of you prayer warriors to pray for my sweet husband.

God is the God of both big and small things. For that we are forever grateful.


  1. Thinking of you Ali. Keep us posted!

  2. Keeping both of you in our prayers, trust in God, you know He is our stronghold and He never gives us more than we can handle. Often times those enlarged lymph nodes are infections that have not subsided. Praying that is all it is. love y'all.