Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swaddle, Bottle, Rock-a-Bye G'night!

Swaddle debacle settled. Our logic: The lovely makers of the Swaddle Me Wrap wouldn't make it in a larger size (up to 28 lbs, friends!) if they didn't intend for toddler sized three month olds to use them, right!?

We took a spin around Babies R Us tonight and Super Coop would like for you to know that he is the proud owner of 2 new big boy swaddles (whaddya think, is the old one too small?), 48 linkydoos, a bubble blowing machine, an Elmo faucet cover (they are the best of buddies already), and 2 new rattles. We had to stop Daddy before he put the geriatric tub stool/padded stoop in the buggy.

Speaking of all things geriatric...I can't feel my legs. Or my abs. Or my biceps. Or my triceps. BodyPump:1 Post-Mommy Jiggle: 0.


  1. That Elmo faucet cover is the cutest thing!! So I had no idea swaddle me wraps weren't in different sizes! The rate I am going, maybe I should go ahead and invest in a BIG one!! Love his cute new pics!

  2. Glad you found the larger ones! They were hard for me to find. They should last you a while. He can still be swaddled at 6 months like his friend Katelyn. Whatever works, right?