Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sips and Sweets and Willow House Treats!

What an absolutely fabulous day! Got to spend it with some of my most favorite girls in all the world as we perused the latest in Willow House treats. I just might have fell in love with, oh approximately 193 little beauties. I also drank 14 glasses of Milo's sweet tea as I oogled and oogled over the catalog. Tomorrow marks D-day. Just kidding. Just wanted to see what that felt like to type out.

*Aside: Speaking of my insan-o sweet tea addiction...tonight at dinner (hello Little Tokyo in Buford!), we were minding our own sweet little business, eating our fried rice and yummy yummy sauce, when Coop not-so-quietly suggested that we give him some sweet tea. He is, afterall, his mama's boy.

His new favorite trick is to slurp drinks from the straw and then clamp down on the straw in the corner of his mouth as if it's a corn pipe. Two ladies sitting at a nearby booth leaned over and said "TELL ME YOU DON'T GIVE YOUR CHILD SWEET TEA!?". We do, I said proudly. Well, only when we aren't drinking gin and tonics.

She gawked at us and caught 3 flies in her big old gaping wide mouth. I reminded her that life is short and Chris reminded her that Coop's only got one tooth and it will eventually fall out anyway. We asked for to-go teas and left those tootie pooties in our dust.

Ok, back to Sips and Sweets and all that's neat...

Meet my sweet friend (and Willow House rep), Heidi.

How I justified my order to Hubs:
1. Entertaining Bucket: "Perfect for housing cold beverages during your favorite game when you have the guys over!"
2. Wall Sconce. "What's this, you ask? A sure fire way to lower the power bill. Better take 2, please".
3. Cookbook Stand: "Perfect for holding the page as I whip up your most favorite supper! Could also double as a Sports Illustrated magazine rack in the powder room?"
It sure was a lot of fun! Thanks for stoppin' by, y'all!
Brooks and Cooper want to know how they got stuck with the ladies today. They demand a daddy Home Depot trip first thing in the morning to make up for this nonsense!


  1. Had so much fun!!! Can't wait to see what all you pick out and how much fun it will be to decorate when it gets here!!! And I loved the fact that our boys took awesome naps while their Mamas were partying!!!

  2. We give our little ones sweet tea as far no lasting side effects :)