Monday, July 2, 2012

"Clean Eating"

I'm two bags of Ranch Bugles in and I somehow randomly just lost 30+ minutes on a "clean eating" blog.
That's ok though because I ran across some fabulous 10 minute "inner thigh" workout on Pinterest this morning and jumped right on it. I was about 23 jumping jacks in when Coop and I decided we needed to hit up Yogli Mogli instead.  

Then we went to Pirkle Park, had a picnic, and played at the pool.

About the pool. Let me just say: #epicwaterwingfail.

I taught swim lessons for like 6 years. For this reason, I feel that I should not be the lady at the pool with the toddler thrashing and scraming and clawing and climbing his way to the top of my head.
Don't let him fool you. This was from the safety of the baby pool.

He was practicing his bubble cheeks. Which he is a pro at.
He's also super great at blowing bubbles.

Epic fail didn't start until we put the blasted water wings on. In the big pool. Pre-marshmallow bicep pillows, he was happy as a sailor splashing around.

Today, not so much. I tried to take a picture but I am pretty sure someone put a call into DFACS, so I didn't dare stop to capture it.

You can imagine it.

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