Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moon Walkin'

"Cause this is thriller. Thriller night."

We will miss you MJ.


  1. LOVE that picture--hilarious!!
    oh ali, thanks for praying for cab and amy--they so need it!! they found out on friday that yes, he'll have to have a heart transplant. right now they're trying to move him from icu to "step down" (not sure what that is) and will wait there for however long it takes to get a heart. they are at children's at egleston--i didn't realize there were multiple children's until now. is that where you are?

  2. the rest of my comment (it wouldn't let me post it all):
    their last name is stewart (his first name is john, but goes by cab--his middle name) if you ever want to look them up.
    i'm probably going to go visit this week--i'll let you know if i do and i'll stop by and say hi!!
    hope you're doing well and i'm so glad you found my blog--we'll definitely keep in touch!