Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

8 weeks-skidleedoo!

We went for our 8-week ultrasound this morning and it was ABSOLUTELY amazing.

We sat in complete awe at the work God is doing in us. Hearing our sweet little baby's heartbeat was life changing. Seriously, we were speechless. There is nothing quite as precious as the sound of new life. Something so small, yet so big. "I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139

Here is a picture of Baby D. Let me interpret...Baby's head is down at the bottom and "tail" (does anyone else giggle as much as I do when you hear that particular medical term??) is on top. Those little sprout looking things are Baby's arm buds (also known as "paddle hands").

This little peanut, or "sea monkey" as Chris likes to say, has totally rocked our little world.

We are STILL just beside ourselves with excitement, awe, and thankfulness.

This gift has taught me so much about God's grace. I often think about what it means to have "the grace of God". I have always struggled with understanding how something so mighty can be freely given. In a world where it feels like you must work hard for things, it's hard to imagine something simply being given to you. When we learned that we were expecting I was overcome with an intense feeling of grace. It was as if God's unconditional love was raining over us.

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9

I recognize that I have been given a great deal of fabulous "gifts" over the years (my baby pink Snuggie, my magical no-mess can opener, good health, an incredible family, a roof over my head...) but a gift as great as this is almost unfathomable.

We. Are. Blessed.

This Week's News:

Food Cravings: Captain Crunch Berries (dry-no milk, ick) and ginger ale. That about completes the list of edibles this week. I, being a girl who LOVES to eat, hope that this phase passes quickly. The worst part is (get ready): my current biggest food aversion is Chick-fil-a. Yes. My greatest fear has come true. I went from eating Chick-fil-a 6-7 times per week (no exaggeration) to zilch, zing, zero times per week. I even dry heave when passing by Chick. It makes me so sad.

Emotional Basketcase Moment: This week's episode of Extreme Home Makeover. Not a good idea on a good day, much less while preggo. I cried while they were installing the floors. I cried when they moved the bus. I cried when the family saw their backyard. Ridiculous amounts of crying. I figure the tears are justified, as there are truly few shows that highlight families who are genuinely deserving and beside themselves with gratefulness.

Currently Grateful For: The sound of Baby Davis' beating heart, Chris' upcoming trip to L.A. (Praises for final step in the job interview process--here's hopin!), an incredible small group of young men and women who we fell instantly in love with, a day off to run amok and shop, and pedicures (yes a few shallow praises, I know).

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  1. oh, i remember that day so well! hearing the heartbeat was amazing!

    i also remember the feeling of feeling so blessed that i didn't know what to do with, it was to good to be true or something. god is so great and children are the most wonderful blessing. congratulations!!