Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's Up Doc?

"He who began a good work in you - will be faithful to complete it" (Phil 1:6)

We're 6-ish weeks this week! Wooo!

I could hardly wait for our appointment with Dr. Sermons this afternoon. I made it through the morning at work and then Hubs swung by and picked me up. By 1:15 we were chowing down on some Roly Poly and burning rubber on 2 wheels makin' our way down to Dunwoody.

Let me just say. I have never been more impressed with a doctor and his staff!

Dr. Sermons is honestly the BEST doctor I have ever met. His personality and expertise shone (whoa, lots of irregular past tense strange verbs in this post) through from the moment we met him. And that moment went something like this:

Anxious expectant parents eagerly waiting in docs office. Wife swinging legs in rapid-fire motion, Husband inspecting random medical equipment better left alone. Enter Dr. Sermons. 5 foot nothing with his sweet lazy eye.

Doc glances from me to Chris and back again. We didn't get the standard "Hello folks, I'm Dr. Sermons, it's nice to meet you". Instead we got: "Whoa. Now what we gonna do if this baby takes after his Daddy? Ain't no way he's gonna make it out of there if he's that big".

If you have ever seen Chris and I sitting side by side you will understand how funny this comment is. About 10 minutes into our consultation, he randomly revisited that same thought. Again, he said "I sure hope that baby takes after his mama. Shoo."

We love this man already! He asked if we had any questions and mostly we just had 2. (Well ok, initially we had 27, but we narrowed the list down to 2 on our way over.) Here is my favorite Dr. Sermon's quote of the day:

Question: Can I please have a coke? Just one coke. A small coke. Even just 2 sips of a coke. Please, please??
Answer: Whatch you mean by that? Coke or crack? Cause crack is whack.

After the urine test (yay more pregnancy tests!) we were led into the ultrasound room. Yes, the room that houses the dreaded ultrasound dildo of death. More on that later.

After what felt like 2 hours (ok, more like 1.3 minutes) Dr. Sermons came in and performed the ultrasound.

Holy goodness. Within 30 seconds we were staring at this sweet little, well pea-sized circle, on the screen. It was truly amazing.

Dr. Sermons started doing his thing. Explaining what all the blob-like things were...bladder, check; uterus, check; sac, check.

Then he searched for the tiny heartbeat and came up with nothing. He reassured us that there is nothing to be concerned about, that it's still super early, and that we need to come back in two weeks.

"It'll be a whole different ball game then", he said.

It was a strangely wonderful and amazing yet disappointing experience. There. That's the honest truth. I have been absolutely BESIDE myself for the past 2 weeks. So excited I could nearly burst! Peeing on sticks like it was my full-time career.

I have decided after today that peeing on a stick and looking at that little positive sign is so simple. Getting down to the nitty gritty details of the scientific parts of this pregnancy thing is a different story.

Obviously I didn't expect Baby D to be waving with perfectly formed 5-fingered hands "hi mommy and daddy", but the whole "lack of a heartbeat" moment instilled that instant sense of worry that I am learning must come along with mommyhood.

I didn't cry. Chris kept asking if I was ok. And because I was (and am) I just didn't feel like I needed to become an emotional basket case. Instead we resorted to asking 400 times if everything was ok. We tried phrasing and rephrasing the question in every whichaway we could think of. The end response: Everything is a-ok. Just as it should be at this point in the game.

Dr. Sermons ended the ultrasound session by deciding he wanted to run some blood work to check my hCG levels. Off to the lab we went, jumbo bag of sample vanilla flavored prenatal vitamins in hand.

So that about wraps it up. Absolutely NOTHING wrong. Nothing to worry about. We came face to face with our sweet little baby (0.25 inches long and all) for the first time and were overcome with God's mercy and grace.

For the next two weeks (and 8 months for that matter) my mission is to "place all of these silly little worries in a box, tie a balloon to the box and send it up to heaven". Best advice ever. Hands down (Thank you friend.)

And as one of my precious little cancer patient's mom once told me "You can choose to worry and not pray, or you can choose to pray and not worry. What you cannot do, is both".

So there you have it.

Many, many blessings to be thankful for tonight.

Included in this list of blessings is:
1) The 2 hour nap I was able to take following our appointment. Ah, sweet nap time!
2) 4th and final marketing job interview scheduled for Chris on Thursday! Many many prayers that this may result in the revelation of God's next step for us. (I'm so stinkin' proud of him!)
3) SO many fabulous friends and family members who keep me sane. Seriously. Much love to you all.
4) Tuesday night hibachi. Yes, I am allowed to count this as a blessing. I had 4 sides of Yum Yum sauce. 2 for me, 2 for Baby D.
5) 3.5 day work weeks. Shoowee!

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