Thursday, October 22, 2009

12 Weeks

12 weeks!

This week has been pretty quiet in the Davis Den. We are settling into our new routine. Chris still loves his new job and we still aren't quite over the shock of feeling so blessed. God is just so good.

We spent most of the week house hunting. We are still on the fence about what to do...Chris' commute is, at best an hour and fifteen minutes, and worse case, two hours. When we look for houses anywhere but in our little corner of the world, we get kind of sad. It doesn't make sense to buy out this way but we aren't super excited about moving closer to Roswell/Alpharetta either. Chris' solution is to buy a helicopter instead of a house. It's starting to sound like a mighty fine idea :)

This Week's News:

Food Cravings: Oh dear. Let me prepare myself for embarrassment. Ok, I'm ready to confess. McDonald's chicken McNuggets. There ya have it. The honest truth. I can't get enough of them. Three months ago you couldn't have paid me to eat Micky D's and now I do the drive thru drive of shame 2-3x per week. They are so good! Please, please let this phase pass quickly!

Emotional Basketcase Moments: Thursday night's migraine of doom that landed me in the fetal position on the bathroom floor, violently vomiting. Isn't this pregnancy thing beautiful?

Hormonal Rage Currently Directed At: People who stay in the right hand lane on the access ramp to 85 (over by Discover Mills) despite multiple "merge left" signs. You know the ones. They know their lane is going to end, yet they zoom past everyone only to cut off rule-following citizens at the last minute. They then beat me home (or to the McDonald's drive thru) and that makes me rageful.

Currently Grateful For: my fabulous MIL's fried pork chops (holy goodness), lazy Saturdays spent sleeping late, shopping, and taking naps, Wednesday playdates at the park with Austin, and possible spontaneous wedding beach trip plans for November.

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