Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big Night Out!

Big night out tonight! Mark and Lori and Chris and I loaded up 10 super fun 16-17 year olds and trucked it down to Atlantic Station for Chel-Chel's 17th Birthday Bash. What fun times!! (This was my first attempt at creating a photo collage using Picasa--super fun! Does anyone happen to know how to change the positions of the photos? I tried to click and drag and gave up waaay to quickly. I want that teeny tiny group picture to be the biggest one on the collage but can't figure it out).

We had dinner at Fox Sports Bar and Grill where we were, holy goodness, introduced to their incredibly delish blue cheese-n-bacon chips. I know-blue cheese is a no-no for preggo girls, but I have decided that if I can actually eat it, I will.

We endured much car dancing and singing on the way home (and secretly joined in and had a fabulous time doing so).

It was our first true chaperone experience where we sat at the big-kid table and had to keep a safe distance while cruising around Atlantic Station.

Old or not old, we had a total blast :) Happy birthday Chelsea girl!

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