Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 Things

3 things.

1. Let me tell you just how much I am loving the concept of the "drive thru" these days. So stinkin' easy to get things done when you are toting around an eleven pound pumpkin doodle. Today alone we went through the a) drug store drive thru b) dry cleaner drive thru c) bank drive thru and d) Chickfila drive thru (is this any big surprise!?). I became quite cranky and enraged when I realized that the grocery store is lacking in their drive thru capabilities. Sad. Doesn't someone from Publix want to meet me at the curb with a gallon of milk and loaf of bread!? Anyone??

2. People can be so nosy. This morning at the radiologist's office this lovely woman was sitting across from Cooper and I as I fed him his bottle. A little background info...although Cooper loves the nightlife, we are a little slow moving first thing in the morning. Our sluggishness this morning resulted in Chris and I flying around the house and loading up the car in 7 minutes flat. After we finished our victory dance I realized that the bottles I had prepared for Super Coop were still cold. Enter Nosy Rosy in the waiting room. As Cooper does not yet understand the concept of "wait just one little minute sweetheart", I stuck a premixed Similac bottle in his little mouth to hold him over. Gasp. Bad Mommy. Nosy Rosy leaned over and said "What a shame, you aren't breastfeeding dear?".
Cooper wanted to stiff arm her but I reminded him that that's not nice.

I wanted to shout NO YOU CRAZY LOON, I HAD TO GIVE THAT UP WHEN I LEARNED THAT MY HUSBAND HAS CANCER. Instead I gave her waaaaaay too much information by outlining my daily pumping schedule. She got all sorts of uncomfortable and stuck to reading her Reader's Digest for the remaining 2 hours we were there. Take that. Zip it lippy.

3. If Chris and I ever decide to open our own business, it will no doubt be a sperm bank. Ahem, "Cryobank", excuse me. Heavens to Betsy. Those people are making a killing off of renting space in their deep freezes. Learn something new every day folks, every day. Seriously though, had consultation with fertility specialist yesterday and learned that banking alone is around a grand (and that's just for the first 12 months). Wonder if they charge extra for the nudie magazines they put in the "treatment" rooms?

Off to the cardiologist for baseline ECHO test this afternoon. Chris is my super hero. Fo' shizzle. He just keeps on truckin' and doesn't stop to ask "why" or moan and groan or whine and whimper or wail and flail. I love him so much. If I make him a super hero cape and get him matching dunagroos, I wonder if he will wear them to our next appointment?


  1. Way to go with Nosy Rosy, how rude of her!!! I would have had lots to say to her to shut her up! People!!!! Thanks for keeping us updated! I think you should try the Super hero cape! :)


  2. Ewww on nosy rosy. I'm HORRIBLE for saying things to people like that :) Way to go! Love the updates....keep em coming!

  3. Hey Ali,

    I love your blog and have to tell you I use my egg platter every day....for my jewelry!

    Things have changed a lot since we last saw each other...the Davis family is certainly in my prayers!

    Anne Comerford (now Reed)