Monday, September 20, 2010

Life on the Farm

We spent Saturdee down on the farm. It was the most fabulous day ever.

Going down to my parents' place almost always means: 1) a jaunt at the outlets on the way down 2) time spent rocking on the front porch 3) time spent sippin sweet tea 4) catfish 5) time spent swingin' and 6) all things pasture/tractor related. Strange things sometimes happen down on the farm. My favorite story is of the night when the neighbor lady and my mom chased goats in their pajamas. Life's just like that down there.

Simple and sweet. Wholesome and good.

My parents got Coopie his very own rockin' horse.
It was a total hit. After he corralled his little horse, they announced their next surprise. A John Deere tractor. Just for Coop. Gracious day alive. He was just beside himself!
Move it sister. I've got fields to plow.
All that playing wiped Coop out so there was nothing left to do but head to the porch. A nanosecond in the swing and Coop was O-U-T.
Woulda slept longer but the birdies woke him up.
A guess all of the excitement over the horsie and John Deere inspired Coop to learn how to sit up. Things to do Mama. Gotta get moving here.
A day spent on the farm almost always means 1) the need for a good bath (splish splash) 2) full tummies 3) full hearts and 4) long, sleepy drives home. Night night y'all!

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