Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We Found Nemo

Super Coop has not been so super duper this week.

On Sunday he was so bad in church, they had to come and get us out of worship. We got the quiet tap on the shoulder that meant, "come now, you must tame your beast before we start losing members and visitors". I bet someone touched his Liken A-Queen car. For the love of Pete.
As his Mama, I know his MoodyMcMoodiness is due to the fact that he hasn't pooped in days. (I probably just lost some readers).

Anyway, it's true. The "I no need poop Mommy" trend has kept up. Good gracious, what are we to do? Stop the potty training all together? Call in our old friend Pampers and take a few days off?? I called the pediatrician and their recommendation involved a q-tip. Um, no thank you.
Anyway, Murphy's Law, he pooped today. I know you are all relieved. He is too.

We o-fish-ially paid our first visit to the Georgia Aquarium on Monday. Coop's eyes stayed as big as saucers the entire time. It was a hoot! FISH FACE!
Dol-pins! Stingerrays! Fishies!Opters!

My review, in a nutshell:

1. They say no big strollers. Go on. Take your little umbrella stroller. We did. It will fall over backwards 57 times within the first half hour and you will be a cranky, foul, sweaty mess. You will slam the ankle of complete strangers with your camera as it clanks to the ground. Your bags will spill and your fruit snacks and Capri Suns will scatter about the "No Outside Food and Drink" area and you will get scowled at by the giant whale playground police.

*Disclaimer: We will be those people with our humongo jog stroller next time. The repeat visitors learned this. I know because I saw them all giggling at us as we wrestled umbrella strollers through the Baluga Whale exhibit. They tooled around with their well-balanced big mama jammas all day. Sweatyless. Crankyless. Live and learn*

2. Go to the ATT Dolphin Show. Go. Run. You won't regret it one bit. Ah-mazing. So beautiful. So fun. Cooper and I are both still talking about it.

3. Order the $30 pizza and chicken fingers at the precious little aquarium Cafe. Enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance. Split them between your group of 10-12 and go to Chickfila on the way home. Loading up your cafeteria tray with more than 1-2 items could potentually break the bank.

4. Be careful of the moving sidewalk and crawl-through tunnels if you are suffering from BPPV. You will lose your balance and potentially drop your awe-inspired fishie admiring toddler.

5. If in the midst of potty training the day of your visit, take Pull Ups. It's likely that, (after climbing a gazillion flights of stairs with your 30+ pound toddler on your hip, to the top row of seats in the amazing dol-pin show that you simply cannot miss) your toddler will shout out "Mama I need tee-tee!" as the lights dim and the show begins. Pull Ups. They'll save the day. For sure.

Such an awesome experience! I am so tickled that we have such fun things to do right here in our backyard. Next up, the Choo Choo at Stone Mountain. Big time, y'all. Big time.

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