Monday, March 29, 2010

Showered with Love

Shower fun continued this weekend! The Davis girls threw us a LOVELY shower Saturday afternoon. It was absolutely darling!

Cooper will certainly have no shortage of love in this family!

Grammie and Nana. They are one dynamic duo.

Aunt Whitney and Aunt Kelly pulled out the red carpet for us! So much hard work! So much yummy food and precious decorations all around!
Aunt Dori (and Ludi Mae hiding in her tummy) and Aunt Wendy. See isn't Cooper one lucky fella? All these pretty ladies all just waiting to meet him!
Polka dot cake that was cute as a button and ABSOLUTELY to die for! They cut my piece waaay too big and instead of fussing over it, I simply sat and ate every. single. bite. Gracious, it was so so good!
Poor Cooper, he isn't going to have anything to wear.

Or anything to play with.

Deprived little guy.

We are so happy and so blessed. I feel like I say that far too often, but when I look around at my life, I can't help but be overwhelmed with all of the goodness that surrounds us.

Sure, the icky parts still exist. Choosing to focus on these moments is just simply not an option. For example, I thought for sure I was going to go right back into pre-term labor when we opened the mailbox today and received a letter from the TSA stating Chris' civil fine. I had to pull some Jesusness right into my day, as my initial reaction was to lay on the driveway and wail loudly until someone called the insanity police to come take me away.

Instead I took a deep breath, and then approximately 720 additional deep breaths, and decided that we will, once again, find a way. God didn't bring us here to leave us here. Apparently the civil fine has nothing to do with the criminal fine. Lovely. Just TSA's way of saying "Your apology was not enough. Please give us $3000 and give it to us in 30 days. Love, Wand-Waving-Weeble-Like-Wusses."

Regardless, we are blessed. We are loved. And we have a mighty fine tiny gift coming our way in a matter of days. Take that TSA people.

Now off to start the week! Weeks 35-36, here we come!

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  1. oh ali, what a fun shower!! and i'm so sorry about that fine. *woah* is all i have to say. *woah*
    i swear, you always get in the worst finanical shape right before the baby. we lost an estimated $15,000 (AFTER TAXES...before taxes more like $28,000) right before mary margaret came b/c of my bedrest. lovely, fun times, let me tell you.
    will be thinking and praying for y'all!!!