Friday, March 12, 2010

Time Out

Baby Cooper is in time out.

He tried to pull a fast one on us and sent us packin' to Northside where we spent the night, got 3 injections of terbutaline (some sort of anti-contraction and lung boosting medication), and landed ourselves on bedrest through the weekend. The best part of the whole experience was Cooper's bursts of, let's say, "personality", where he would kick the tar out of the fetal monitor and make it fall off. Lovely. The sweet 19 year old OB nurse handled it like a champ.

Turns out what I tried to convince myself were Braxton Hicks contractions for 2 days, were actually preterm labor contractions. When I was admitted the contractions were coming every 6-7 minutes and I was dilated 1 cm. Bad Cooper.

Daddy and I had a long talk with him and told him that he needs to stay put. Here's hoping he's a good little listener :)

Thank you all for your sweet thoughts and prayers!!


  1. Glad to hear everything is okay! Thanks for the update!

  2. uh-oh! already getting in trouble! ;-)
    lay on that left side and take it easy! :-)

  3. oh no!!! I was wondering what happened when I sent you that last email and then didn't hear anything. That explains it :) Stay put sweet baby boy!