Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksmas Part I

Thanksmas, sweet Thanksmas oh how we love thee.
We are all snuggled up in a lil cabin (built for 25), on the top of a mountain, just miles from an outlet mall. We have endless play time with Coop, time for round after round of Apples to Apples with the sibs and nieces and nephews, and more dips, casseroles, soups, sausage balls, sweets, and tater chips than you can shake a stick at.
My parents are absolutely AMAZING. Truly, there isn't a single thing they haven't thought about. They pour so much into this trip it just isn't even funny. The cabin! The food! The games! The toys! The food! The entertainment! The togetherness! They. are. just. something. else. LoveyousoverymuchMomandBill!!
So Coop and Hubs are napping and I am sitting here pinning :) Yes, the addiction continues. My mom is serving me buffalo chicken dip by the Frito full and I just ran across this amazing blog that makes me realize how awesome it is when people allow themselves to be vulnerable. Check it out:

Can you believe I read it while chowing down on buffalo chicken dip? Sacrilegious. I know it.

So we are on Clomid Day 2. Rockin right along hiccupless. Except for the half hour I spent laughing so hard I almost tee teed in my pants while we were playing "What's Your Favorite?" (how could I help it, my sister has alligator arms) and the couple of tears I shed when we realized Cooper slept through the Dollywood choo choo (not kidding. I cried. Real tears), everything is just fine and dandy.

Elfis made the trip with us. He wanted to guest blog but he is stuck in the grandfather clock, swinging from the *insert word for pendulum looking things that swing back and forth in clocks*. Elfis, bad Elfis.

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