Friday, July 16, 2010

2 Steps Forward

How I wish I was still beebopping down 20 rockin' out to Love Shack, Baby Love Shack.

Today's theme song is credited to the lovely Paula Abdul. Before she got hooked on Meth and ginormous costume jewlery. 2 steps forward, I take two steps back. (Minus the whole opposites attract).

We had an oober awesome time on double date night with Adam and Ashley at the Melting Pot tonight. Mmmm stuffed mushrooms. Mmmm Ying/Yang Chocolate swirled marshmallows. At around 9 Chris noticed that an unknown number kept popping up on his cell. He finally decided to answer it, and it was Dr. Szabo, his oncologist.

At 9pm on a Friday night. Maybe he was just calling to tell us to order an extra plate of chocolate and a bottle of wine to celebrate early remission??


He was calling to let us know that Chris has a staph infection. He was trying to decide whether or not to hospitalize him and whether or not the port needs to be removed. Glorious.

Several phone calls later, the plan is to go in to Gwinnett Medical tomorrow morning for Neulasta shot to boost white count, come home, have home health come to the house, set Chris up on IV meds for 7 days (home bound) and go from there.

I might have gone in the ladies room at the Melting Pot and hid in the stall for 20 minutes rocking back and forth.

Just kidding, I just instantly started praying and reminding myself that God is bigger than cancer. And isn't that a beautiful thing?

Now am I allowed to rock back and forth while whistling Dixie and breaking out into hives?


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  1. Ali,
    These things happen so frequently with ports, it's a setback now but in 7 days you will both say ok that's done, moving on! Praying the iv abx kick in quick and heal that infection!! Know that we pray for y'all and sweet Cooper every day! Glad you had a fun date out! I have never been there but hear it is just delicious!! Love y'all!