Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work Schmork

Mommy meets working world = total success.

What I thought was going to be the hardest thing ever has actually turned out to be completely manageable. Don't get me wrong, I miss Super Coop like CRAZY when I am away at work, but I have learned to treasure every second I spend with him so much more. I come home in the afternoons and scoop him up and love on him until bedtime. It is absolutely fabulous.

Mommy meets working world + tries to find time to blog = total failure.

It seems my daytime TV and bon bon time is over, therefore every bit of my time at night is spent with my two sweet peas. Doesn't leave much time for blogging (which has totally become my zen in all of the chaos that seems to be following us around...)

Updates from this week:

1. Attempt at Juice Numero Tres on Tuesday resulted in a big fat RESCHEDULE. The Staph infection seems to be hanging around so they wanted to do a few more blood cultures before getting in another treatment. Attempt #2 will be tomorrow. I am still struggling with the idea of not being there with him now that I am back at work. *Sigh.* Confession: so maybe returning to work hasn't been a complete "success". Alas, no plan is without its flaws. Chris reassures me that he is a Big Boy and doesn't need anyone there to hold his hand. I secretly find friends or family members to be on call anyway.

2. Dr. Szabo wants to do 2 more treatments and then repeat the PET scan to see how the kudzu is responding to the juice. We find that to be AWESOME, because we just know that the results will be the best news we've heard in months.

3. My Aunt Lucy makes the most scrumptious chicken-n-dumplins in all the world. Coming home from work to the smell of them cooking was a definite highlight of the week!

4. My mom is my superhero. She came up to help out this week and oh my, what an absolute Godsend! She makes being a Suzy Homemaker look like a piece of cake! She loved on Coop while we were at work, cooked us home-cooked meals, washed all of our stinky laundry, made our bed every day, did the dishes, and kept me company at night when Chris wasn't feelin' so hot. It was wonderful!

5. I am addicted to sweet tea and crushed ice. I thought my addiction and daily trips through the Chickfila drive thru would come to an abrupt end when I returned to work. They have not. Instead, I just wake up 10 minutes early so I can swing by on my way to the office. Heaven in a styrofoam cup.

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  1. I miss Chickfila sweet tea so much it makes me very sad...

    Praying that attempt #2 for your hubby is a success!