Monday, July 19, 2010

Blast that Staph!

Chris would like to report that the chicken fingers here in suite 624 are not all that bad. He would also like to report that he is no longer the proud owner of an infected chemo port. Praises for that!

Surgery was successful this morning. Still receiving rounds of IV Vancomyocin round the clock.

Blast that Staph, we say!

Cooper is being spoiled rotten by his Grammie and Nana while we stare at the walls here at Gwinnett Medical. I run home every now and then to hug his sweet little neck and take a gazillion pictures to bring back to Daddy. I might have cried today when I went home and found him dressed in a 3-6 month onesie. When we left home to embark upon this grand adventure, he was wearing 0-3/3 month clothes. Apparently he is growing up while we are here. He will probably be standing at the corner waiting to catch the bus to kindergarten by the time we get out of here...
Chris is fighter, that’s for sure. He says he doesn’t feel so strong, but I see his strength every single day. I wish he could see himself through my eyes. Better yet, I wish he could see himself through lil Coop’s eyes. Then he would know that he is a hero. A rock. A pillar of strength for our family.

Word on the street is that we may get to go home tomorrow or Wednesday. We are clinging to that word. We are in the grip of God’s grace and what an awesome place that is to be. I saw a quote today in the gift shop and I have decided that it is my new motto. It read: "Live imperfectly with great delight." Now isn't that the truth!? I saw another quote that said "Life is tough. I recommend a manicure and a really strong helmet." Brilliant.

I’ve got a little something up my sleeve and I am so excited I could almost burst.

I have decided to organize a 5K Road Race in Chris’ honor. Every day dozens of people ask what they can do for him and I was thinking how uplifting it would be to plan an event where people could come out and cheer him on as he fights the good fight. Details are still in the works, and I have probably bitten off more than I can chew, but the thought of seeing all of our friends and family running (or walking or skipping or hopping or crawling) in his honor just makes me so happy. I know it will make him so happy too. More info to come in the next few weeks!
Now back to looking for that oversized terry cloth robe…

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  1. every one of my surgeries have been at gwinnett medical and yes, the chicken fingers are GREAT! but you know what's even better? their cheeseburgers and fries from the cafeteria (not meals they bring to the room). omg. fabulous. i would make my mom swing by the hospital and get it for me...even when i was just visiting my oncologist (not even in the hospital)!
    thinking about y'all and praying hard. i know you have babysitters, but know that i'm here. mm would love a little play buddy one day!