Sunday, August 14, 2011


We are addicted to frozen cookie dough balls. Um, yum.

I'm sitting here savoring every single bite of mine tonight thinking about all the fun we had this weekend. We made it to The Melting Pot Friday night (holy goodness), had lunch at Ricos Saturday (first time eating two handed there to date), went to our good friend Jesse's 30th surprise party, ate dinner at Adam's Piano Bar (LOVE!), laughed our socks off at the comedy club, and lollygagged at the outlets. We have had the very very best weekend together but have missed our little fella like absolute crazy. How can it be that we have forgotten how to function without him?

He had an absolute blast down at the farm with my parents. My mom and dad are going to guest blog about all of their adventures as soon as dial up makes it's way down to the countryside :)

After we got Coop down tonight I decided to hit the pavement running. I know. Insane. I used to be a runner. Ran all the time. Fast. Slow. Long. Short. I loved it. I decided to give Couch to 5k another shot. My purpose this time? Quiet time. In 30 minutes I prayed for countless friends and family members. I thanked God for approximately a million and one gifts. I practiced being still and waiting. I asked Him some questions. He asked me some questions. It was just fabulous.

So here I am...eating my cookie dough ball (it's gone now) and basking in the glow of the weekend.

Chris might have surprised me with an iPad for our versary. I'm hooked. I won't dare admit that we just FaceTimed each other from across the foot of the bed. It's true. We lost our connection and for some reason he's not answering now. Guess I'll throw a pilla at him.

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