Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wild Goose Chase

Thanks to "I am Mama-Hear Me Roar", I am on a wild goose chase.

I just fell in love with this fabric. And I've got to have it. Got to. It's absolutely beautiful and it's absolutely from Target. I am having trouble finding it. It's rectangular tablecloths made into drapes. Faboosh. BOLO.

I must admit. I've been known to run like the wind to Target 5 minutes before closin' time just to chase some crazy wild hair. Abby J and I redecorated our entire apartment one night at 9:59pm at Target on a crazy Waverly Whim. We drove home just beaming from ear to ear, eating our Krystal Chiks. Glory days.

I would sneak right out to Target right this very moment, but this snuggle bug's all tucked in dreaming of Puffs and Legos and lift-the-flap books.

Oh, and he loves his new jammie jams so much (thankyouverymuch Target for $5), that he sang me a song before he went to sleep.

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