Sunday, October 2, 2011

Betsey Johnson Fun!

I made it safe and sound! I hugged Chris' neck a million times when I saw him. Then I made him take 42 pictures together and threatened to tap dance in the subway station. He sure misses me.

He picked me up from Laguardia in a humongo Ford F150. He's the only guy who would whip it into the NYC passenger pick up line Texas sized in a diesel truck. I kept looking for a Mini Cooper or a Fiat. Silly me.

My first NYC mission: accompany hubs to Betsey Johnson Breast Cancer Event at her Soho Boutique. Only problem was that hubs went early to set up, and I decided to take a big fat nap after all of my airport fun. This left me to 1) Hail a Cab and 2) Navigate the city ON MY OWN to 3) Arrive in one piece.

I slipped into my little black dress, shook my head at how NOT trendy and fabulaire it was compared to Betsey's little get ups, and almost had to pop and Ativan when I realized that the only purse I brought was my gold and BROWN Coach bag. Yep. I was going to be that girl. I considered sneaking some cash and my lip gloss into my bra but it instantly fell out and landed on the hotel floor, so I had to scratch that idea. I tried to Dolly Parton up my hair to make up for the brown handbag debacle, but ran out of bobby pins after the first 49.

Chris had reassured me that the Bellhop would hail the cab for me. I can do this. I can do this. (Why am I such a fraidy cat??) I scooted out the door of the hotel and promptly found the "cab line" which was (no lie) 26 people deep. I stood in the rain for 45 minutes waiting my turn and freezing my tushy off. I was feeling sassy and oh so independent...until...a fight broke out in the line. The NYPD paddy wagon showed up. The Bellhop (who tried to break up the fight) got escorted off the premises and I was left standing on the street corner ALONE, in the front of the line. I stood firm and fought every urge to sprint back to the hotel room, put on my favorite ruffle pj pants, and watch more episodes of the Kardishians. I hailed my own cab, thankyouverymuch, tipped him 150% because I was so scared he would drop me in an ally, and showed up at the most faboosh PINK party in all the world.

This is how Betsey pulled up:

She is one crazy lady.

I had a complete BALL looking through all of the wracks of super fun tulle dresses and 3 inch stilettos. I found a clutch that would have totally redeemed my brown Coach but couldn't decide between it or a black puff party dress so I left them both in the boutique and settled for a white "I LOVE NY" tee. Livin on the edge, y'all.

Leader and Yoplait did an incredible job. I've never had so much fun supporting a cause that is so near and dear to us, people watching, eating yogurt, and trying on party dresses. We just got back to the hotel and ordered a bacon cheeseburger. It's 1am. That's right. Jillian Michaels can whip me back into shape next week. Night y'all!

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