Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manhattan Marathon Part II

After we left Time Square, we got stuck in a Polish Parade. There was a lot of techno music, beaded denim jackets, and braided pig tails. We sort of lost 2 hours to wandering aimlessly, trying to find a place to cross 5th avenue.

We made it out alive (barely) and found Rockefeller Center. Whoa. It's tall. Really, really, really tall.

We were all "let's skip all the way to the top of the Rock holding hands and singing Broadway tunes!" and then I started to feel like I might ralph just thinking about climbing my way up there with a hot dog on my stomach. So we went into the Lego store instead.

Then we found Grand Central Station! First thing on my agenda, Flash Mob!

See the foot propped behind me all innocent like? Looks like I was behaving, but I SO was not. Turns out, a Flash Mob, is not so much a Flash Mob when you are the only one breakin' it down. All that practicing for nothin'.

See that girl standing in line over my left shoulder? She's a run away. From Cali. She tried to pick pocket me but I used my nunchuck in self defense. She ran away fast. Might have been my brown walkin' shoes that did it. We'll never know.

We left Grand Central and found LaCoste, my big brother's favorite store. I wanted to buy him something but a) I spent all of our money on homeless street performers and b) he posted nasty comments about me on Facebook for going to NYC without him even though I asked him to call me and he never did. Hmrph. Anyway, I still love him bookoodles and always will. He doesn't say "I love you" back to me anymore, but I always want him to know that I love him anyway.

After LaCoste, we found Magnolia Bakery (yes, more cupcakes), NBC studios, Radio City Music Hall and my ABSOLUTE ALL TIME FAVORITE (minus the smell of horse poop and sound of granola hippies chanting "There's no excuse for animal abuse..."):

So dreamy. Such a fairy tale to walk hand-in-hand with my love down the little winding paths hidden amongst the trees in the midst of the crazy-busy city.

I'd say this trip has been darn near the best trip I've ever been on. NYC is fabulous. It really is. But what's even more fabulous is that I got brave. I put on my big girl panties and left the comfort of the four walls that surround me and keep me safe and happy every other day of the year. I hailed a taxi. I navigated the subway. I flew allbymyself.

Chris has traveled for the past 8 years. He was gone for 6 weeks right after we got married. He has been to NYC, Chicago, Europe, Cali, Vegas, Boston, DC...up and down and all around. This month has been the hardest one yet. He is so sad that he is away from Coop. He is working like crazy and so super maxed out. I am worried about him. He starts to look so worn down and wiped out and I remember that he just finished chemo a mere months ago. He is my hero, he is my love bug. and I adored every second of the few days I got to be with him in the Big Apple.

Home again, home again jiggity jig.  Target and Chick-fil-a are waitin' on this big city girl. I can see the glow of their neon lights from the big sky as I zoom home to my little love.

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  1. I've been behind on my bloggin', you have been busy! What a great trip, looks like you had a wonderful time. I love love love NYC, such a fun place to visit! :)