Sunday, January 31, 2010

Advice Seeking Cowlicker

Friends, tonight I come to you seeking advice.

Serious advice.

I have a cowlick the size of Texas. It has a mind of its own.

You have probably noticed it. You have probably secretly wondered "why doesn't she do something about that horrible hair of hers?".

What, I ask you, what, can I do about this crazy sprig of hair that makes it presence known every day of my life?


(Yes, I'm serious).


  1. WWBD? What Would Britney Do?

    Ha ha... seriously though, don't shave it all off! I like your hair the way it is. :-)

  2. I seriously have not seen it. Since I like infomercials, try Bumpits! I hear they work miracles!

  3. go to a different hair dresser and see if they can cut it differently to fix it. i had to do that because i had a cowlick in my bangs (you can see it in my wedding