Monday, January 18, 2010


25 weeks!

I celebrated by taking a 2 mile walk in the park with Gidge and JB. Woo. The feeling of circulation pulsing through my legs was almost unrecognizable. It. was. wonderful. The best part? The SUN WAS OUT! Glorious sunshine!

We checked in with Sermonator this afternoon. All is fab! He warned Mini Coop that he better slow down a little bit. Mini Coop promptly kicked the Doppler probe as if to remind us that he's the boss. I left the office bearing one 50 mL bottle of glucose test juice. Test is scheduled for the first week in February. Nurse Maggie assured me that if I puke up the first bottle of glucose, no worries, she can send me another and we can just reschedule. How bad can it be, really!??

In other news, Chris flies for the first time this week since that unforgettable Monday back in December. He is set to fly out at 10:30 tomorrow morning. We have both been a mess about it. We finally looked at each other tonight and admitted that we were, well, frazzled. We know that everything will go smoothly, but can't help but remember what happened the last time he pulled out the red Samsonite and headed for the blue skies. Mr. Glock has helped Chris file a formal "apology" letter to the lovely people at TSA. A formality, but necessary nonetheless. It takes 30-45 days to determine whether or not they accept the apology and whether or not Chris is listed on the "Do Not Fly" list.

Since we do not have 30-45 days, Mr. Glock recommended Plan B. Basically, if Chris is granted a boarding pass and is allowed to board the plane, all is good. If not, well, look for me in Tahiti under a tiki hut with a lovely little umbrella drink and dark tinted glasses.

Thank heavens for our faith,

"Teach us to escape the worries of the world, and to live and rest in You."~Harriet Crosby

This Weeks News:
Food Cravings: Fried pickles,Mrs. Edward's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie, and Quaker Chewy Dips Bars

Emotional Basketcase Moments: watching this sweet video and being overwhelmed with God's greatness

Hormonal Rage Currently Directed At: Home Owners Association Lady and her tacky, tacky Christmas decorations she felt compelled to vomit all over the entrance to our neighborhood and leave up until January 15.

Also, I had a bout of rage directed at my most favorite sushi place, Utage Sushi Bar in Athens. When I rolled over at 7:30 am Sunday morning and told Chris that I wanted sushi for breakfast, he humored me and planned a date day to Athens to partake in the only sushi goodness I love (fried Utage Special roll with yum yum sauce). I was even going to take it for the team and have mine sans tuna. We bounced all the way to Athens after church, laughing and chatting about how much fun we were going to have, scored a top notch parking place on Clayton Street, and bebopped up to the doors of Utage.

Locked. No rhyme, no reason. I promptly laid down in the middle of Clayton Street and refused to move (until Chris tempted me with lunch at Depalmas). We drove back home, sushi-less, and sad. Take two, next Saturday.

Currently Grateful For: my husband who supports my "need" for select sushi that is approximately 60 miles away, unexpected holidays and snow days off from work, sweet little kicks and jabs that remind me of the bouncing baby boy growing like crazy inside of me, and marathon shopping days with mom in the rain.

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